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Summer 2016

Summer is finaly here! We all love summer; the BBQ's, pool parties, camping and other outdoor activities, but what can be alot of fun for us is not always fun for our furry friends. Keep some of these safety tips in mind while enjoying the sunshine.
  • It can get hot: pets can be very sensitive to heat and humidity. Restrict outdoor activities to the morning and evening. Try to take lots of breaks in the shade and provide lots of water. Remember the car can become a Furnace very quickly. Never leave a pet unattended in a vehical, windows open or not!


  • Fireworks- Some pets are fearful of the loud noise and atomosphere changes caused by fireworks. Anticipating when fireworks may be occuring in your area and keeping your pet inside can be helpful. A radio, fan or running washing machine may help to further drown out the noise. Make sure your pet has a safe place they can be as to not cause injury from panick. If your pet is very nervous we would be happy to discuss other options to help keep them calm such as calming treats and pheromones.


  • Water-If your pet loves the water please make sure that they never swim unattended. Chose areas where the water is clean and not stagnant and rinse your pet after swimming to remove chlorine or bacteria from their coat to prevent itchy skin and rashes. Life jackets are available for your pets and are a great idea to keep them safe.


  • Plants: Some plants can be poisonous for pets so be careful and aware of what your pet may be eating on walks or while running off leash. If you think that your pet may have ingested something dangerous please contact us or Poison Control @ 888 426 4435.


  • Bugs: Fleas, ticks and mosquitos OH MY! Parasites are out in full force during the summer season. These bugs can be annoying to your pet and can carry diseases that can make them ill. There are excellent prevenative products available to help control pesky pests. Give us a call for the best prevention option for you and your pet.

Have a safe and Happy Summer!