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FALL 2016

Summer is winding down and the kids are back to school! For alot of us, this often means that our pets have to get into a new routine and adjust to a new schedule.  ​Dogs might get less attention which can result in behaviors associated with lack of stimulation or even separation anxiety. To reduce the chances of your pet being stressed out here a few things to try: 

  • Stick with as close a routine as possible such as keeping your walks consistent
  • Provide plenty of exersice in the morning before leaving for work
  • Encourage your pet to entertain itself by providing safe high value treats or toys eg. stuffing a Kong with frozen banana or make use of a puzzle ball.
  • Consider doggy day care if your pet is sociable and plays well with others.
  • Have children (if old enough) par take in the responsibility of caring for pets.
This is also the time of year where we often see a large increase in the numbers of fleas and ticks. These bugs have had all summer to reproduce and once we start to have cooler days these bugs will become more active looking for a warm body to jump onto. All it takes is a walk through the grass. Protect your pet by using a veterinary approved flea and tick preventative. Remember that ticks will be active as long as it is 4 degrees Celcius regardless of snow!
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